Before using our software, please read the Terms of Service. Use of the scripts here require Python and the NetworkX Library. The scripts on this page do not do error checking, and will likely behave badly if you use incorrect file formats. Please read corresponding README files before use of any script. If you find errors, contact Sucheta Soundarajan, and I will try to help you as time permits.

Currently we have only one script on this page, which is used to calculate feature vectors for communities. It takes as input a file describing the network structure and a file listing the communities being analyzed (file specifications are described in the README file, included in the download).

  • Download Feature Calculation Script.
    The script calculates 38 features, such as community size, edge density, conductance, various centrality measures, and others. The output file is in a format suitable for LibSVM classification. This script generates vectors for one class at a time, so if you are comparing communities from multiple classes, you'll need to run this multiple times and then merge the files. Additionally, LibSVM requires that every feature vector be prefaced with a class label: if you want the script to do this for you, make sure to use the optional CLASS_NUM parameter. See the README file for details.

  • More coming soon, including scripts to calculate a simpler separability measure.